Applied Plant Biology 4095

It covers 11 basic topics that have large impacts on vegetation:

1. A general model for managing ecosystem stressors – and how long-term ecological
research addresses the research needs of this model
2. Non-indigenous plants and invasive plants
Students will develop & teach lectures on the following topics
3. Loss of biodiversity – the extinction crisis
4. Rare plant conservation (e.g. in Carolinian Canada)
5. Habitat fragmentation and loss (landscape ecology)
6. Sustainable forestry – what is it or could it be?
7. Overgrazing by herbivores (group A plant population effects
8. Overgrazing by herbivores group B ecosystem/community effects)
9. Acid deposition
10. Impacts of mining (heavy metal pollution) on vegatation
11. Impacts of ozone depletion on vegetation
12. Impacts of climate change on vegetation

HECTIC! But where there’s a will there’s a way! Good Luck to everyone involved.

Ps: I challenge the rest of the class to create a post like this embedding links to their specific interests or what they intend to write their research essay on. The link embedded isn’t necessarily my choice for a topic, but well you get the drift.

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One Response to Applied Plant Biology 4095

  1. Great to see a blog post up by Kimanie. I hope that everyone will follow your lead and insert links. One comment: the course title is Applied Plant Ecology.
    Also, I’ll be making some edits to posts to correct the meaning and or grammar. See if you can spot my edits, Kimanie 🙂

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