Receiving Feedback


The truth is feedback stings, no one loves the idea that there is always room for improvement. We prefer to assume that we are good at what we do. However, it is vital to embrace criticism in order to grow to your full potential.

Here are a few simple steps to keep in mind the next time someone gives you some helpful feedback:

1) Take a deep breath and stay calm. The worst thing to do when receiving feedback is becoming flustered. Feedback is not the end of the world!

2) Dissect it. What I personally like to do is highlight the parts of a paper or presentation that are quick fixes. (Example: grammatical mistakes or poor word choices).

3) Summarize and reflect. Take away the major points and figure out how to fix them by going through old papers and presentations (chances are you made similar errors there too!).

4) Be mindful. The most important thing to take out of any criticism is remembering it. It would be wasteful to repeat the same mistake twice, especially once you are made aware of it.



About michellebinczyk

A Yorku Student that is studying Environmental Biology!
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